Customised plastic profiles with quality tailored to your individual requirements.

Our ten extrusion lines utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality PVC profiles. We specialize in serving customers from the facade construction, window construction, automotive, furniture, and textile industries. Additionally, we offer customized solutions tailored to your industry.

Trust in our ability to develop and manufacture special profiles according to your specifications. Our annual production increase is proof of our efficiency and reliability.


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This enables you to obtain individual components and complete profile solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our proven approach enables transparent and targeted development of new profile solutions using the extrusion process. From custom tooling to mass production of plastic profiles, this process has proven itself over many years of experience:

  • 1. Clarification of needs

    Do you have a general or specific idea for a PVC profile, possibly with a drawing? Regardless of your starting point, we are here to advise you and discuss the details of your profile.

  • 2. Drawing & offer preparation

    After receiving the technical clarification, we will provide you with a quotation that includes the manufacturing costs of the tools and the price per meter of profile in production. The quotation will also include a detailed drawing, which will be necessary for tool approval.

  • 3. Construction

    After you place your order, we begin designing your tool right away. The design time will vary depending on the complexity of the project and how busy our design department is.

  • 4. Toolmaking

    Once the design of your tool has been completed, the tool can be built. Everything is done in-house.

  • 5. Sampling & approval by the customer

    After toolmaking, sampling takes place on our production facilities. If the profile is dimensionally accurate and approved by us, the profile is made available to you as the customer for testing and approval.

  • 6. Manufacturing

    After receiving your approval, we can begin production. We manufacture profiles in small, medium, and large series, in the desired quantity and length. We are pleased to manufacture products for you directly upon request or to stock them so that you can access them immediately if needed. Our flexibility allows us to deliver without lead time in both cases.

Sustainable production and circular economy

We aim for transparency in energy and environmentally friendly production by taking a comprehensive view of the value chain and forming close partnerships with customers and suppliers.
Our sustainable production involves a closed material and energy cycle, processing >99.9% of all incoming raw materials internally. This is supported by a high-performance photovoltaic system, efficient waste heat recovery, and our in-house recycling system..

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